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NYC Congestion Pricing Is On Hold. What It Means For You



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Congestion pricing in NYC has been paused indefinitely by NY Gov. Kathy Hochul. The recorded announcement was released 25 days before the new toll was set to take effect. The governor cited the potential adverse economic impact on commuters, NYC residents and businesses that are still recovering from the Covid lockdowns. 


“Let’s be real: a $15 charge may not mean a lot to someone who has the means, but it can break the budget of a working- or middle-class household. It puts the squeeze on the very people who make this City go: the teachers, first responders, small business workers, bodega owners. And given these financial pressures, I cannot add another burden to working- and middle-class New Yorkers – or create another obstacle to continued recovery” said Gov. Hochul in her statement, pausing the new toll.