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Dallas to Atlanta Brace for Severe Thunderstorms: Weather Watch



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Nearly 22 million people from Dallas to Atlanta will face another round of severe thunderstorms bringing downpours, hail and possibly tornadoes.

For the last week, the central and southern US have been battered by ferocious storms and flooding that all got their start from a Pacific system that dumped heavy snow across parts of California and the West over the weekend, said Brian Hurley, a senior branch forecaster at the US Weather Prediction Center.


Since then the Great Plains, Midwest and South have been pounded by a deadly outbreak of heavy rains, high winds and tornadoes that have delayed air travel and knocked out power. At least three people died overnight, according to the Associated Press.

There is an enhanced risk of severe thunderstorms, hail and winds from Texas to South Carolina affecting 21.9 million people, the US Storm Prediction Center said. Tornado watches are currently posted across northern parts of Mississippi and Alabama, as well as southern Tennessee. As of 5 a.m. New York time, 247,819 customers were without power in Missouri, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia, said.


It is more or less “the big storm system that gave the Sierra that snow,” Hurley said. “That is sort of system number one and as it went farther inland it merged with another system. Obviously it is a lot different than it was on the West Coast.”

While the storms have been battering the US for most of the week, Hurley said things will start to settle down for a few days. But there is a chance for more unsettled weather starting this weekend across Texas and spreading east early next week.


UK: Another day of sunshine across most of the UK Thursday, said Annie Shuttleworth, a meteorologist with the UK Met Office. The exception? Scotland. A weather front has moved across Scotland overnight and that will bring persistent rain. London will also have a warm day with highs reaching 22C.

AUSTRALIA: Heavy rain is returning to New South Wales and Queensland, said Sarah Scully, a forecaster with the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. As much as 5 to 6 centimeters (2 inches) of rain fell in isolated pockets. Heavy rain will spread Friday mainly across interior portions of New South Wales, where isolated areas may get up to 9 centimeters of additional rain or more, she said.


“The Warrego River in New South Wales is already in moderate flooding, so we know that any further rainfall over that catchment area will respond really quickly,” Scully said.

Severe weather rainfall warnings will likely be issued Friday. All told by the time the storm ends some areas could get upwards of 20 centimeters of rain.


Meanwhile in Western Australia rain will likely spread across the area, cooling things off where temperatures have been 5C degrees above normal in Perth, raising the risk of wildfires, said Angus Hines, a forecaster with the bureau.

INDIA: The heatwave across west Rajasthan will likely start to abate Friday, the India Meteorological Department said. In some places temperatures reached 45C in the last day.


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Photo: A damaged tree lies on the ground following a tornado in Round Rock, Texas, U.S., on Tuesday, March 22, 2022. There were 22 reports of tornadoes, mainly across eastern Texas, as well as one in Oklahoma, according to the Storm Prediction Center.


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